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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Tooth Extraction an Important and Beneficial Dental Procedure When Performed Correctly?

Tooth extractions are a common dental procedure performed in most veterinary practices. In Mandeville, we have certified veterinarians who can perform tooth extractions.

A tooth extraction is needed in severe cases of periodontal disease, tooth resorption, or an unsalvageable tooth fracture. Please be aware that each patient is different; however, we will do our best to determine a treatment plan during your initial visit.

What Do Tooth Extractions Involve?

Procedures can vary depending on the tooth and the disease process. Prior to any extraction, a nerve block that lasts between 6-8 hours is provided to help minimize oral pain and discomfort.

With surgical extractions, we normally make incisions in the adjacent gum tissue to create a flap and provide access to the tooth. We often need to remove the bone that overlies each root, section the tooth into individual roots and extract each root separately. The alveolus (socket) is flushed to remove any debris, and the extraction site is closed with absorbable sutures.

In some cases, we can extract a tooth without the need for incisions and bone removal. In these cases, we carefully elevate each root individually and close the extraction site with absorbable sutures.

The risks associated with extractions depend on the tooth involved. Unlike people, dogs and cats do not experience “dry sockets,” and their recovery is quick. Aside from temporary oral discomfort and minor bleeding, most procedures go without complications, and these patients feel great.

Will My Pet Be in Pain?

Both local and general anesthesia will be used to minimize and control discomfort. The same narcotic medications used in people are used for dogs. Anti-inflammatory medication is also administered to decrease swelling and inflammation after surgery as long as your dog is a candidate to receive these medications.

How Will My Pet Eat After Surgery?

As a result of excellent pain relief medications, most dogs recover with minimal discomfort and return to their daily routines rapidly. Most pets will eat the day of surgery or very soon thereafter. Feeding soft food is usually recommended until healing is complete. Recheck visits will be required to ensure healing is progressing as it should.

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