In case you're getting your first cat, it's critical to plan early since it is a significant step. Felines are well known for being more autonomous than canines, however, they actually require some time, effort, and money to take proper care of them. Look out for the following aspects that will make bringing a new feline friend home easier. 


Litter boxes are so helpful, yet they can get untidy if you don’t take proper care of them. Look for one that is big enough for the amount of cats you’ll have and be aware that kittens grow up quickly and need more space than it seems like. Prepare where you’ll be placing it, since cats don’t like their boxes to be moved, preferably in a place with proper ventilation, even if you are choosing scented litter, smells will be surrounding the litter box. 

  1. FOOD

It's critical to do your examination on food sources and pick the one that addresses both your feline's needs and your spending plan, your vet can give you a checklist on what to look for when you take your cat to their first checkup visit. Bear in mind that a proper diet plan will keep them far from a visit to the specialist.


Felines are individualistic animals with solid impulses, they will try to adjust somewhat to you but also will expect that you adjust to their personalities. They offer love and friendship, however as a feline proprietor, you additionally need to invest the energy and effort to construct a relationship with them.


One of the principal things you'll need to do is get a good veterinarian for your cat, ideally, close by. Before bringing your cat home, we recomend you take them for their fist vet checkup, to make sure everything is fine with them and hopefully get their first vacciniations. This can avoid complications later on and will keep you and your cat very happy. Your vet will indicate you how frequently your cat should visit them for checkups and following vaccines, usually 1-2 times a year.

  1. TOYS

Cats and especially kittens love their playtime! Getting a couple of toys like toy mice, string, plumes, and even empty boxes can keep them engaged. They shouldn’t be costly, simply ensure it has your feline's inclination, on the off chance that you get one he doesn't care for, continue attempting until you discover something he does.


You need to groom your cat continuously! Since you will begin seeing cat fur all over the place, putting resources into proper grooming brushes or grooming gloves will do wonders for your fabrics, furniture, and in general, keeping your house clean will be easier.


Cats love scratching and they’ll do it on most surfaces that are available, this includes your wooden furniture, carpets, and curtains, a way to somewhat avoid this is to put a scratcher in a couple of spots around or where you may think your feline hangs out. These could be scratching posts, scratching pads, or a corrugated cardboard scratcher.


A great way to keep your new cat comfortable in this new environment is to give them some treats every now and then, this will also make them trust you and bond easier. You can search for treats at your local grocery store and browse the numerous flavors that your cat may like: chicken, fish, beef, cheese, salmon, tartar control, and even catnip.

Help us keep your pet healthy by bringing them in for regular exams and vaccinations. Please contact Lakeshore Vet and Pet Lodge today (985) 626-5615 if you have any questions or would like to learn more about how we care for your cat.

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