Comprehensive care all under one roof!

When Dr. Capone started Lakeshore Veterinary Hospital over 30 years he had a vision of creating a one-stop service to clients. Today Lakeshore Veterinary Hospital provides many exclusives and services not offered in area clinics. At Lakeshore Veterinary Hospital we don't cut corners when it comes to your pet's care.


Advanced Surgery

Leave your pets in trusted hands... Lakeshore Veterinary Hospital offers the latest in surgical technology and the best in modern anesthesia techniques to help ensure your pet has the safest and most effective outcome during surgery. We also offer laser surgery, a great alternate toward traditional surgery.  Laser surgery means a quicker recovery time and less risk for your pet. Our trained team will be there to guide you through your pet's surgery and recovery every step of the way.

Advanced Dentistry

At lakeshore, we pride ourselves in having the finest dental facilities in the greater New Orleans area. Recently completed in 2012, the dental referrel center located inside our practice is equipped with state of the art dentistry equipment. Our team members also specialize in animal dentistry providing a unparalled experience for both you and your pet. We offer the latest in

  • Advanced dental surgery

  • Oral radiology

  • Advanced and routine dental cleanings

​​Oral health in a pet can often be overlooked and later in life lead to complications and disease; It's important to begin a oral health plan as a part of your pet's overall health care.




Advanced diagnostics

Our protocol involves a diagnostic approach, similar to human medicine. We never cut corners with your pet's health, we provide you with the best diagnostics tools available so we can make the best treatment decision for your pet.

Some of the tools we utilize everyday in our practice are:

  • Ultrasound

  • Digital Radiographs

  • In-house lab

  • Biospy

  • Dental xray

  • Cultures

  • Companion Therapy Laser-

Specialized care

At Lakeshore Veterinary Hospital we are also fully prepared to give your pet specialized care when needed. We have a ICU ward, along with a isolation ward for infectionious cases. Our team of trained technicians and doctors work diligently to care for your pet and provide the best treatment options available.

Here's a example of some of the conditions we treat:

  • Allergies

  • Tramua

  •  Ear infections

  • Infectious diseases

  • Wound care

  • Chronic conditions

  • Genetic diseases


 "We believe proactive care not only improves the quality of your pet's life, it will add years to it and potentially save you costly and expensive treatments with early detection." - Dr. Lee Capone

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- Vaccinations
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